Hacks of cleaning your car: Why do you need your car done by professional regularly

//Hacks of cleaning your car: Why do you need your car done by professional regularly

Hacks of cleaning your car: Why do you need your car done by professional regularly

As a general rule your car should always be clean, as it is a reflection on you and how people see you. Just like how you carry yourself or dress is a reflection of your person or how people view you. In other words in terms of appearance your car just looks better and adds value to your image and people will take you seriously.

Cars are like human beings in the sense that a lot of filthiness results in a lot of bacteria accumulating and this has damaging effects to the car. For a car to perform well it needs to be taken care of regularly. You may be a clean freak and clean your car regularly but you have to leave it to the professional to do the ideal job. They clean the interior and exterior and use machines that were created to do so. Cars are a favourable environment for bacteria to develop so they have to be cleaned thoroughly to limit infections caused by car filth.

Cleaning the exterior of your car is another way of checking for things that are not working or that are hanging in loose. However you need the professionals to do it because they have more knowledge on the subject than the ordinary person. A car is a delicate possession and so one needs to also use the right equipment to clean it to avoid some unnecessary repair cost. Professionals know exactly how to remove or reduce existing etching, scratches, swirls and fading using Machine polishing techniques. Opting for professionals ensures that they make sure that your vehicle remains in great condition for a long time to come.

Look at any detailed car and you will certainly be impressed with the amazing finish. Even if you have been looking after your car regularly, there will be a marked difference and your car will look better after being through a professional car cleaning service.

At Farchis Car-Brite we have what we call an ‘Executive full valet” where we remove all parts of the car and its left now all metal. They clean the car thoroughly and attend to every detail and they can even fix some minor details like scratches. Once the car is washed they dry the car so there are no ordos or wetness and your car is as good as brand-new.

Hacks of cleaning a car at home

  • Using a toothbrush thus is an essential way of cleaning dashboards as they have buttons which a cloth may not clean properly. You can even remove crumbs upholstery with a toothbrush as the cloth will not do justice as it’s a bit sticky.
  • Olive oil is great for your dashboard as it keeps it shinning and new and rubbing it into your dash. Your car will keep it looking nice and it will keep some moisture in the material
  • Get a conditioner and lanoline as it gives your car a great shine after a good wash.
  • Keep your wipers from smudging by rubbing them down with alcohol after you done cleaning the windshield wipers.
  • Did you know cupcake liners fit right into your cupholders in your car? Hence you use these liners to clean the cupholders once you’ve got your cup holders all cleaned out, put a silicone cupcake liner in them. The liners will gather any grease and scrap so the next time you go to clean the car, all you’ll have to do is take out the liners, shake them out, rinse, dry, and pop them back in.

For more car hacks go to the link before.

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Panel Beating

Panel beating is simply described as the repair of vehicle body parts back to the state they were in before the accident. This is achieved through the beating of the crinkled panels back into shape. In other cases, some areas of the damaged panel are not accessible using the panel beating tools, e.g. where double panels exist. These cases call upon the use of body filler.

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