Tips for a Road Trip

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Tips for a Road Trip

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In this day and age travelling is now advanced and you can now travel by plane, car, train and bus. However even though travelling by plane is classy and all but there is something is fascinating about having a road trip by car, It`s the thrill of enjoying every aspect of every part of the journey without being rushed through. When you travel by plane or by train it’s a one way journey you just pass through places and you won`t experience it, with a bus you only get to designated areas. However when you go with your own car you can stop wherever you want and stay as long as you need and even discover unexplored places. So it is essential that you ensure your car is well prepared so the ride is smooth. In this article we will explore tips top ensure you have a joy ride.

What car you are to take

Depending on your destination, you need to know what car you need a diesel car is cheaper so it`s good for trips. Another determining fact is how many people will be on the trip and if you are many you may need a big car with lots of leg space as being to squashed up because the trip will be unbearable.

Clean car before and during the trip

This is obviously for hygiene purposes as can get ill and end up not enjoying the trip or end up in ER. So keep napkins handy so you can put your gum and litter in and so you can throw the litter a bin when you come by a dustbin.

Get a Vehicle Check

Weeks before you start your trip get your car check by professional to ensure its road worthy. Have them check fluid, brakes, tires and anything else you may need. You also need to make sure that you have a spare tire and ensure it’s ready for usage.  Make sure your spare tire is fully inflated and that you have jumper cables and extra wiper fluid on hand. After that even on the day before start the trip and ensure the battery of your car is fully working and charges so you run test it the night and morning before you start.

Make a flexible time / Get off busy roads

Generally you can plan a good trip but you never know what may happen in a trip  as you can meet “Road Works Ahead” or be in a accident or road closed because of one so don’t rush through or try an d make a tight schedule. Avoid busy roads so you not forced to rush in with the congestion so you can really enjoy your trip while laid back

Plan what Music to play on the trip

Back then playing the radio but now you can create your own playlist but you need to plan as you will be many so you need to ensure you all have a good time.

Tend to division of labour

Driving is hard work so you need to lighten the load the road by sharing who drives when and where.  It’s ideal to decide before the trip to avoid arguments which could spoil the trip. If you plan to drink its good for each person to know when they will drive so they can sober up because alcohol and fatigue don`t go hand in hand. While one is driving it is advisable to have someone to entertain the driver so he/she don`t sleep on the wheel

Camping (Even in your car) makes road trips awesome

Beside the fact that camping is cheaper than booking hotel, there is fun in camping outdoors. You can light a bon fire if outside or just chill in your ca in the middle of nowhere. You can bond easily with your loved ones or family when you are shut from the world.

At the end of it all you need to be safe and have your phone in case of an emergency. Otherwise if your car is looking good and you have your mated food and beverages you are good to go.

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