Why you should regularly check your brake fluid too

//Why you should regularly check your brake fluid too

Why you should regularly check your brake fluid too

It is no secret that the level at which your brakes are functioning is essential, your life literally depends on it. You want to avoid finding yourself in a fender bender because you could not bring you vehicle to a halt when you needed it to. Our mechanics mention that people usually come in for a check on their brake pads, which is good, however they emphasise the importance of also having your brake fluid checked regularly. Let’s have a look at brake fluid, what it is and why it is essential that you add it to your routine checklist.

Here is some physics talk: Brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid that your braking system requires to convert force into the pressure responsible for slowing down your car. What this means is your brake pads might be new and all but without this precious juice you are still vulnerable. The function of brake fluid is to absorb moisture which would otherwise cause rusting over time. However, over time the fluid becomes water-saturated from all that moisture it has absorbed. Therefore when you brake, because of the heat generated in that process, the fluid boils off quicker causing brake failure. This is the reason why you need to have your fluid changed at least every 18 to 24 months. If you haven’t had your fluid changed in a while, contact Farchis and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

You also want to ensure that your brake fluid is not leaking so you need to do the occasional check to ensure that you have the right levels. It might not be so easy to see a brake fluid leak if you do not check, because unlike engine oil, brake fluid is colourless. If you see a puddle of what looks like brake fluid under your car then check the brake fluid reservoir to see how much is in there. If you find you have a leak, fill it up before you take the car onto the road. Then bring your car into our workshop to have the problem causing the leak resolved. Our team at Farchis is brilliant in dealing with matters such as these.

The mechanic working on your car should be able to tell, after a thorough inspection of your vehicle, what caused the leak.

Here are some of the possible causes:

  • A leak in the brake master cylinder
  • Problem with the wheel cylinders
  • Loose bleeder valves
  • Worn brake pads or shoes
  • Leak in the brake line
  • Problem with the front or rear brake callipers

There could be other reasons, but these are usually the main culprits. We have all the necessary equipment at the shop to diagnose and fix any of the above listed causes of a leak.

How can you tell if you have a possible leak? The obvious one is your brake warning light, you may not feel any brake problems at this point, but have it checked out either way, the sooner the better. Another signal is a soft feel in the brake pedal when you push down the brakes, this is due to air getting into the brake line. What usually happens due to the air is that when you press on the brake pedal you will feel it go too far down. What will eventually happen is that you will not be able to stop your car when you need to. You could end up in an accident and paying for more than just a brake fluid leak repair. If you are worried about the cost of a service do not let that stop you, we have very good service prices here at Farchis, and the price of fixing the leak is usually reasonable unless there are parts that need replacing. Either way at Farchis we have got you covered.



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