Roses are red, maybe your car shouldn’t be too

//Roses are red, maybe your car shouldn’t be too

Roses are red, maybe your car shouldn’t be too

While Safety features will definitely form part of your decision making process when deciding on which car to buy, did you know that when it comes to which colour to buy, there are researches that have shown that certain coloured cars are more likely to be involved in road accidents than others? Oh, and red is not the safest of the list. In this month of February when everything is painted red, the colour of love, lets discuss the colour choice.

Studies conducted have shown that cars of certain colours are more likely to be involved in a collision than others. The reasons for this are mostly due to issues around visibility and the car’s colour relation to the surroundings. Here is the list starting from the most likely colour to be involved in a collision.

Black cars:  You would have probably guessed this one. So, black cars are 12% more likely to be involved in a collision compared to other cars. This is mostly since the colour black might not be easy for other road users to see.

Grey and silver cars: Grey cars have an 11% higher chance of being in an accident. Silver cars have 10% higher risk than other safer colours. Again, this is an issue of visibility; grey and silver cars may not be quickly visible to road users.

Blue and red: Both these colours have a 7% higher risk. Blue blends in with it’s the surroundings, for example the blue sky and that may affect visibility as well. Red on the other hand is said to blend with a lot of road signs, sirens and hazard lights and may therefore get lost in all those.

Car colours that are considered to be safer which you may want to consider on your next purchase or when you decide to change the colour of your car, are colours that stand out no matter what time of the day it is. The safest car colour is white, of course. It has a 12% less chance to get into an accident. Other safer colours are yellow, cream, beige, orange, and gold. Colours that are so bright are hard to miss on the road.

Now, orange might not be your colour of choice when choosing a car, that’s alright. The colours do not guarantee that there will never be a collision as there are plenty other factors that may cause an accident. The good news is, the team at Farchis loves cars of all colours and no matter the colour of your car, if you find yourself with a fender bender, bring it on to Farchis and you will have your car back in good condition in no time. We will also give your car a good spray paint of whatever colour makes you happy.

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Spray Painting

Farchis has a temperature controlled AERO-CURE Spray booth and baking oven for 2K and Metallic paints. The booth has a double air filter system to ensure the best finish. To ensure the desired finish and colour of each project we use the best products such as Spies hecker paints, in order to achieve a superior paint finish. Precise colour matching and colour coding of vehicle paintwork is guaranteed through using a state of the art AERO MIXER which consists of all the main paint toners. Our state-of-the-art paint booths provide a clean, well-lit, well-ventilated enclosed area for spray painting quality finishes.

Panel Beating

Panel beating is simply described as the repair of vehicle body parts back to the state they were in before the accident. This is achieved through the beating of the crinkled panels back into shape. In other cases, some areas of the damaged panel are not accessible using the panel beating tools, e.g. where double panels exist. These cases call upon the use of body filler.

Farchis panel beaters is specialized in panel beating services not BODY FILLER services, we do diligent and careful panel beating service to you.

Vehicle Service

Farchis is the best when it comes to your mechanical repairs. We offer competitive prices of mechanical repair of the car alternator, head gaskets, fuel injection, starter motors, water pump, carburettor, timing belt replacements, car alternators, head gaskets, petrol injection problems, steering and suspension and exhausts systems and not forgetting car and van servicing to name just a few of the components.

We have hoist equipment that enables us to see all the damaged areas of your suspension without guessing the repairs because of the sounds produced.