Why you should regularly clean your vehicle, inside and outside.

//Why you should regularly clean your vehicle, inside and outside.

Why you should regularly clean your vehicle, inside and outside.

Cleaning should be done by professionals who know the right chemicals to use, and how to use them.

Doing otherwise is likely to result in paint damage.

1. It preserves your paint.

Many people think that washing and waxing a car is a luxury and not necessary. In reality, maintaining your car’s exterior is extremely important in preserving it. Most cars naturally depreciate, but you can extend the life of a car and in turn preserve its value longer if you keep it clean. Dirt, grime, and salt are natural enemies to your car’s paint. If exposed for too long, they will eat away at it, not only damage the paint but the metal too.

2. It can prevent costly repairs

As I alluded to in the last point, car filth can wreak havoc on your car’s paint and body. Some of this damage is irreversible and will require complete respraying of the vehicle.

3. Clean cars are safer

People get in accidents every year because dirty windows reduce visibility. Cars naturally have several blind spots and the smallest amount of dirt can reduce visibility tenfold.

4. Cleaning the interior is healthy

Many people allow the interiors of their cars to get far too dirty. Cleaning the interior of a vehicle eliminates harmful bacteria that can accumulate on steering wheels, upholstery, and dashboards.

5. The carpets in your vehicle are subjected to very fine dust particles which settle in the fibers. This becomes home to a lot of bacteria and viruses. This can result in your vehicle turning into a health hazard.

6. Interior cleaning is not complete unless the air conditioning unit air filter is cleaned. These filters keep the dirt and grime, which is home to harmful bacteria and viruses 🦠. Do you wonder why you are periodically suffering from colds and flu 🤧?

7. A clean vehicle makes you proud.

This might be the most important reason to keep a clean car. It has been scientifically proven that having a clean car makes you happy.

How a person keeps their car says a lot about them.

Take pride in your vehicle and keep it clean.

Book your vehicle cleaning at Farchis Carbrite.

And while you wait for your freshly cleaned vehicle, you can be relaxing at BriteCafe, having some fresh tea or coffee or a small meal.

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