Happy Client Indeed

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Dear Mr Mufute Thank you, sir, I received it.l do appreciate that you wanted to help me, then you managed to do so,and to make the vehicle user-friendly at a very low cost.. This objective was achieved. I am not fighting with my car now. Thanks also to your team. The car Brite needs special mention [...]

Painting our love for your car

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Painting our love for your car When you have been involved in an accident you get very concerned whether your car will ever be the same again, if it will ever look as good as it did when you bought it. How many times have you seen a friend’s car and you just had to ask [...]

Tips for a Road Trip

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In this day and age travelling is now advanced and you can now travel by plane, car, train and bus. However even though travelling by plane is classy and all but there is something is fascinating about having a road trip by car, It`s the thrill of enjoying every aspect of every part of the journey [...]

Spray Painting

Farchis has a temperature controlled AERO-CURE Spray booth and baking oven for 2K and Metallic paints. The booth has a double air filter system to ensure the best finish. To ensure the desired finish and colour of each project we use the best products such as Spies hecker paints, in order to achieve a superior paint finish. Precise colour matching and colour coding of vehicle paintwork is guaranteed through using a state of the art AERO MIXER which consists of all the main paint toners. Our state-of-the-art paint booths provide a clean, well-lit, well-ventilated enclosed area for spray painting quality finishes.

Panel Beating

Panel beating is simply described as the repair of vehicle body parts back to the state they were in before the accident. This is achieved through the beating of the crinkled panels back into shape. In other cases, some areas of the damaged panel are not accessible using the panel beating tools, e.g. where double panels exist. These cases call upon the use of body filler.

Farchis panel beaters is specialized in panel beating services not BODY FILLER services, we do diligent and careful panel beating service to you.

Vehicle Service

Farchis is the best when it comes to your mechanical repairs. We offer competitive prices of mechanical repair of the car alternator, head gaskets, fuel injection, starter motors, water pump, carburettor, timing belt replacements, car alternators, head gaskets, petrol injection problems, steering and suspension and exhausts systems and not forgetting car and van servicing to name just a few of the components.

We have hoist equipment that enables us to see all the damaged areas of your suspension without guessing the repairs because of the sounds produced.